Getting back to normal

Welcome everyone! It has been a very busy couple of months, which is why this website has not seen any updates for some time. In that time, RetroDigital has seen some changes; We have added lots of new items; Some retro and some not. Check out our Gallery and have a look at the new pictures in the RetroDigital Lab album. One great ‘new’ (to us) item we have come across is our IBM PS/2 Model 70. It sports a 386DX / 20 Mhz processor. 4MB memory on board and 4MB memory on a memory expansion card. Currently it runs DOS 6.22 / Windows 3.1. We have not changed anything on it in terms of software as of yet since we are waiting for a network card to arrive. Why is a network card an important component with regard to software, you ask? Well that’s part of the fun; If a machine is in the Retro Lab, we want to be able to set it up and add it to our network.

Commodore 64: Its Alive!

Finally its alive, and all it took was a replacement Commodore 64. Here it is loading the game 100,000 Dollar Pyramid (By the way a much harder game then I remember).
Now that we have a working C64 we need to work on getting software.  As well as the replacement C64 we picked up a tape drive for it, although we have been unable to see if the drive works.
We are currently looking to acquire a 5.25″ floppy drive. If anyone in the Calgary area has one that they would be willing to part with please contact us.

Welcome back Winamp and Shoutcast!


Radionomy finally announced the acquisition of Winamp. I know this is not very retro but this software has been with me pretty much as long as I can remember. I am still a daily Winamp user and hope that this only brings good things for Winamp and its users. ¬†Welcome Radionomy! If you’d like to read the announcement you can find it Here