Our Newest Additions


We have a few new additions to the collection. First off we have added a Commodore 64 to the collection, This was a much anticipated addition since it was one of my first computers I ever used.
In the picture there is of course the Commodore 64, a 1541 Disk Drive, and a 1702 Colour Monitor. Unfortunately we over paid and ended up getting this machine non working. Further testing it appears to be a bad power supply. Hopefully when the replacement gets here we can actually use the machine.


Another addition to the collection is a Apple iMac G4,  is one of  the nicest designs Apple came up with in the past.   Its not as old of a machine as we would like but is a good start.
The machine sports a PowerPC 800 Mhz processor, 256MB SDRAM and a 60GB hard drive.  OSX 10.4.  We are going to integrate it into the existing network hopefully with full connectivity with our Netware and Windows servers.

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