Getting back to normal

Welcome everyone!

It has been a very busy couple of months, which is why this website has not seen any updates for some time. In that time, RetroDigital has seen some changes; We have added lots of new items; Some retro and some not.

Check out our Gallery and have a look at the new pictures in the RetroDigital Lab album.

One great ‘new’ (to us) item we have come across is our IBM PS/2 Model 70. It sports a 386DX / 20 Mhz processor. 4MB memory on board and 4MB memory on a memory expansion card.
Currently it runs DOS 6.22 / Windows 3.1. We have not changed anything on it in terms of software as of yet since we are waiting for a network card to arrive. Why is a network card an important component with regard to software, you ask? Well that’s part of the fun; If a machine is in the Retro Lab, we want to be able to set it up and add it to our network.