RetroDigital Updates

Quantum “Bigfoot” TX 4.3 GB hard drive…

RetroDigital has recently (and very fortuitously might I add) acquired a Quantum “Bigfoot” TX 5.25″ form-factor hard drive.

While this might not seem a particularly special acquisition to most, it is for us.  The reason being is that this was the first model of hard drive that we had purchased as an upgrade for one of our personally-owned systems. 

We would suppose there was not a huge number of these drives produced, as this is only the second one that we have seen in a number of years.

While the drive is “posed” for a photo-op, it is not simply “being admired.” This drive is still fully functional and is “earning it’s keep”, as it is now installed in a Packard-Bell Pack-Mate 7836 system.

Just in…


Here is what just came in… Thanks to Jason for your donation of Microsoft Dos 5, Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro in original boxes.

Sure makes me wish I still had all the original media I used to own.  If I could repeat the past I probably would have been a hoarder 😉

If anyone happens to have originals for old Operating systems or just generally old software contact us . We always appreciate the donations and will be posting more on each that we have setup currently.

Currently in the works: BBS system.  – Testing stages but is going to be on line very soon.

BBS’s are a great part of computer history and unfortunately people are loosing their way.   If its retro/vintage we want to keep it going.

What software would you like to have us setup and share?

Our Newest Additions


We have a few new additions to the collection. First off we have added a Commodore 64 to the collection, This was a much anticipated addition since it was one of my first computers I ever used.
In the picture there is of course the Commodore 64, a 1541 Disk Drive, and a 1702 Colour Monitor. Unfortunately we over paid and ended up getting this machine non working. Further testing it appears to be a bad power supply. Hopefully when the replacement gets here we can actually use the machine.


Another addition to the collection is a Apple iMac G4,  is one of  the nicest designs Apple came up with in the past.   Its not as old of a machine as we would like but is a good start.
The machine sports a PowerPC 800 Mhz processor, 256MB SDRAM and a 60GB hard drive.  OSX 10.4.  We are going to integrate it into the existing network hopefully with full connectivity with our Netware and Windows servers.