– Our new tilde Server.

We have setup a Tilde server at

A tilde server basically takes what we know today as a social network in a way and crams it into a terminal. There is chat, forums, games, tools to create things and share said creations. It is a small community that is respectful and helpful.

If you’d like to give this a try check it out at

Wow! it has been a whole year.

Hope everyone is doing well since this year has been a ride. Hopefully 2017 will be a smoother ride then 2016.
As the title suggests I have not updated this website all year. Not because nothing has been happening. Just not a ton of time on website related items.

Here are some of the items we have acquired throughout 2016..

RetroDigital BBS is back!

After a short hiatus RetroDigital BBS has returned.
If your just looking for a blast from the past with some great games and a ton of message bases then you are in luck.
Some of our games include:

  • LORD
  • LORD – New World
  • Planets: TEOS
  • Operation: Overkill II
  • Trade Wars 2002
  • Pimp Wars
  • Lunatix.

We offer lots of message bases including FidoNet, Dovenet, Gatornet, and much more!

check us out on the web at:
or on our telnet at: telnet://